Janina produces works on a range of subjects, grouping her output into Collections and Series. The challenge of recording the passing of time, the transitory elements of a subject in light and motion link the many aspects of her drawings, paintings and prints. Oil painting predominates but the range of media Janina uses reveals an uncommonly broad expertise and versatility.

This enables her to explore a selected subject through the most appropriate medium; colour, form and texture are modified through light and space. Despite the wide range of themes, the discerning observer will discover the unifying elements in them. She does not conform to the stereotype of the 'Northern Artist' and finds her inspiration both in the North, in her Polish roots and further afield.


Her artistic style is characterised by an attention to the handling of media, with an awareness of the mark making possibilities of each medium - there is an impressionistic quality in the handling of colour, achieved by the use of broken brushwork and glazes.


Most of her work is on a domestic scale but more recently she has explored the possibilities of the small scale image. Collectors find that the choice offered by the variety allows them to select works to their taste. Janina rarely undertakes commissions and this allows her enviable artistic freedom of interpretation and choice of theme.