In her most recent show in connection with Poland,  she presented a series of ‘monochromatic’ oils related to the Invasion and Occupation of the country  during WW2; inspired by her collection of photographs taken by soldiers of the Polish Army and of the Wehrmacht. What began with prints continued to develop into a body of work entitled ‘Polish Stories’, concentrating exclusively on the subject.

Janina is particularly attracted to the hidden narrative behind her subjects as they all have their roots in interests which have developed since childhood.

Recording activities at the Royal Northern College of Music linking  Art with an interest in Music has been integral to her practice for over two decades. During performances and rehearsals she  records the expressive, moving figure in dramatic light and shade. She has worked with the Halle, Manchester Camerata and the Warsaw Philharmonic; from

this subject matter many small bodies of work have been developed in several media, including woodcuts and pastels.


Oil painting is significant in her landscape and still life output; colour and texture are manipulated to create a sense of space and atmosphere. Through these works she aims to explore the subtle and surpising juxtaposition of details through an impressionistic, as opposed to, a hyper-realist approach.


In addition to participating in external exhibitions and group shows, Janina self curates her work and present exhibitions in her studio.


Opportunities to visit are by Invitation and application only. Places are restricted (due to the size and structure of the building) so visitors need to reserve their places at sessions beforehand.


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News and details about forthcoming studio exhibitions and previous Solo and Group exhibitions are available through the links.


The artist is currently working on oil paintings related to the Four Seasons; a series of landscapes.


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